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Our Province. Our Health. Our Future. A 10-Year Health Transformation: The Blueprint Summaries of Implementation Recommendations

9 June 2022


We express gratitude to the members of the Task Force, the strategy committees, and the working groups who developed recommendations with attention to the lenses of inclusion, quality, and integration and to the twelve guidelines outlined in chapter four of the Health Accord Report. [...] The committed, generous, and competent work of the Health Accord team combined with insight from members of the public of all ages from across the province, practitioners and workers in our health system, workers in our education and social systems, members of community groups and municipalities, and the media have challenged us and encouraged us. [...] 233 iii Health Accord NL Calls to Action Please note that the numbering of Calls to Action in Section A and Section B is not the same as the numbering in The Report as the sequencing of Actions has been changed to recognize the impact of new and recent ideas. [...] Create Regional Health Councils that (i) have the level of authority needed to address the organization and quality of health care delivery at the regional level, (ii) are sensitive to local and regional variations, and (iii) 49 facilitate engagement with patients/clients/residents Action 11.2 and with members of the public (including youth) to ensure that the health system is responsive to the id. [...] It will take commitment, energy, wisdom, and persistence from government, our health and social systems, municipalities, community groups, the private sector, the media, and the people of the province if the vision and the needed transformation in health are to be realized.