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2 June 2022


1305 November 26, 2019 11 1513 Lindgren Submission by the Canadian Environmental Law Association to the 1304 Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission Regarding the Regulatory Kerrie Blaise and Luc Lance November 12, 2019 15 Oversight Report for Uranium Mines and Mills in Canada: 2018 Submission by the Canadian Environmental Law Association to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission Regarding the Regulato. [...] 920 Act - Filed persuant to Section 61 of the Environmental Bill of July 8, 2013 31 Donald Maracle Rights Petition Regarding Review of Persistence and Bioaccumulation Regulation Under CEPA - Petition to the Commissioner of 919 Elaine MacDonald, Fe de Leon July 8, 2013 7 Environment and Sustainable Development, Office of the Auditor General of Canada 918 Motion requesting an order to amend the Noti. [...] Notice of Application for Judicial Review of CNSC decision - Notice of Application for judicial review of the March 13, 2013 decision by the CNSC in relation to the screening-level EA conducted by the Theresa McClenaghan, Richard Lindgren, 912 April 12, 2013 13 Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission of the refurbishment and Justin Duncan continued operation of the Darlington Nuclear Generating Station. [...] Emergency Planning at the Darlington Refurbishment - Comments of the Canadian Environmental Law Association to the Canadian 858 Nuclear Safety Commission with respect to the Draft Screening Theresa McClenaghan July 18, 2012 116 Report: Consideration of Emergency Planning in the Darlington Refurbishment and Continued Operation Project. [...] 1 — January 1, 2011 on the Proposed Notice Requiring the Fe de Leon (CELA) and Sandra Madray 775 March 2, 2011 5 Preparation and Implementation of Pollution Prevention Plans in (CSM) Respect of Specified Substances on Schedule 1 of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999, related to the Resin and Synthetic Rubber Manufacturing Sector.