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Innovation in Canada : Why We Need More and What We Must Do to Get It

30 June 2022



Canada has a prosperity problem because we don't create enough wealth. Business as usual is not a solution; we need to create more value in new ways - that's innovation. But beyond innovation to solve our current problems, we must learn how to innovate in new ways to deal with whatever future pressures and opportunities arise from global demographics and climate change. Innovation in Canada demystifies innovation and presents its many aspects in one big picture. The book proposes innovation in both goods and services as the means for increasing the value of what the Canadian economy produces. This will raise our prosperity and show up as improved productivity. Written in plain language and illustrated with corporate data, the book underlines the essential roles of technology, entrepreneurship and commerce. It points out important differences between innovation in established firms and innovation in new ventures, whose time scales are shorter and whose needs are more urgent. Innovation in Canada proposes the elements of a supportive government innovation policy, and it outlines the different design principles for government assistance programs needed to provide effective support to the two different groups of innovative companies.