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CIGI Papers No. 267 — July 2022 - Rudiments of a Space Security Policy Framework

27 June 2022


of pressing space security issues, the major actors or stakeholders to take into account in As a result, firms will gain experience in large-scale an assessment of space security, and certain production of new technologies; consequently, political, economic and natural factors both the cost of production of space-bound goods and on Earth and in space that may create risk to services should decline. [...] In contrast, complex systems analysis With Monahan’s definition of “risk abatement,” it is strives to offer a more complete and holistic possible to apply Robert Spich and Robert Grosse’s understanding of an operational system, where definition of “business security” to conceptualize the entirety of a system and the interaction of the basic notion of space security. [...] System For a more comprehensive definition of space The operational space system demarcated is called security, and in the author’s judgment, for the Earth-Moon loop system because it defines business security in general, the author suggests the space around and between the Earth and the following clause at least be taken into Moon (Qizhi 1982, 161–62; Rosenfield 1979, 138, consideration at the ta. [...] That notion is the time- business firms in space, and the growing amount honoured set of strains and tensions between of “space junk” with the potential to cause the pursuit of individual nation-state interest death and damage to investment infrastructure. [...] The Threat or Use of Force in Space The Link between The prospect of the threat or use of force in space could increase or materialize within Space Security and the context of different types of stakeholder interactions.