Gay Men's Sexual Health & Harm Reduction Coordinator
Coherent Identifier 20.500.12592/2gn493

Gay Men's Sexual Health & Harm Reduction Coordinator

22 July 2022


ACT does this through a variety of programs and services for women, young people and gay, bi, queer men including one-on-one counselling, psychosocial and social support groups, and harm reduction and outreach services, both online and in community. [...] Specific duties and responsibilities will also include, but are not limited to the following and may be subject to change: RESPONSIBILITIES Community Development • Research innovative strategies that promote the health and wellness of diverse communities of gay, bi, and queer men both living with, and at risk of HIV. [...] • Table outreach and Volunteer Management and Outreach Coordination • In collaboration with the Volunteer Resources Coordinator, recruits and interviews prospective volunteers for sexual health and harm reduction outreach in bathhouses, bars/clubs, and on sexual networking sites/apps. [...] • Collects and maintains data on volunteer hours, and safer sex and harm reduction supply and resource distribution. [...] • Demonstrated in-depth understanding of HIV and AIDS, harm reduction and sexualized substance use, combination prevention strategies, sexual health and related issues related to gay, bi, and queer men.

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