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July 1, 2022GEM Digest of the Month - Published monthly since December 2009 Contents

3 July 2022


Help us celebrate the one-year-out mark from the next Women Deliver Conference (WD2023) and be the first to hear from the Government of Rwanda, the WD2023 Advisory Group, the Women Deliver Conference Team and Board, and diverse gender equality advocates. [...] The Institute is also testing a farmer-led indicator dashboard and exploring the opportunities and impacts of big data and future of farming at the smallholder farmer level in the Nyando Valley (Kenya) and in two districts of Gujarat State in India. [...] By empowering women with financial literacy and giving them the tools to collect data and track income and expenses, the innovation is attempting to improve farm productivity and income for women farmers, while building their confidence and capacity to influence farming and marketing decisions. [...] Under the project, local councils are guided to implement budgets and interventions that address the needs of both men and women, in order to reduce the development gender gap in the country. [...] The ten recommendations presented on behalf of the Co-Presidents, are: 1) Place human well-being at the centre of a healthy planet and prosperity for all, through recognizing that a healthy planet is a prerequisite for peace, cohesion and prosperous societies; 2) Recognize and implement the right to a clean, healthy and sustainable environment, through fulfilling the vision articulated in principl.