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City Use of Canadian Code of Advertising Standards - Last updated Aug 22, 2022 City/Town Prov Title (or ad company) Website Link Advertising Code Citation Comments

22 August 2022


free speech provisions of the Canadian pdf?t=012718202 Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and those established by the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards, the City has contractual control over advertising content with the express right to refuse any advertising it deems to be of a controversial nature or contrary to the interests of the City.” Page 11 of 51 . [...] The City is guided by the general principles And Document 1: OC NG_STANDARDS_Meeting_Transit_Commission_ Standards in determining the embodied in the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards, in determining the acceptance of Transpo Advertising Date_2015_05_20_09_30_00 acceptance of advertising; advertising. [...] Advertising, including advertising of a political or end of Review document) of Advertising Standards, a more a religious nature, is permitted provided that it detailed prohibition on advertising meets the requirements of these Standards and of containing personal discrimination was generally accepted advertising standards, including added in section 3; the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards. [...] During the term of the agreement, the %20Agenda1.pdf Licensee shall have the exclusive right to display advertising in all advertising shelters under this agreement, specifically, the Licensee shall be required to; (a) comply with the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards; (b) not present demeaning or derogatory portrayals of individuals or groups; (c) display only advertising copy that is of acc. [...] Advertisements which promote or oppose a spaces must conform to the Canadian specific theology or religious ethic, point of view, Code of Advertising Standards and policy or action; advocate or oppose any ideology meet the following criteria: → or political philosophy, point of view, policy or action; or convey information about a political party or the candidacy of any person for a political posi.