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Media backgrounder Single Mothers’ Alliance v BC Public Interest Standing Application Hearings

22 August 2022


West Coast LEAF is representing the organizational plaintiff in this case to challenge the Province of BC’s laws and policies restricting access to legal aid in family law cases. [...] What’s the status of the case? In February 2022, the Province of BC filed a challenge to the public interest standing of SMA in an effort to have the case thrown out. [...] By challenging SMA’s standing as a public interest plaintiff, the government is trying to crush the ability of organizations like SMA to sue the government and challenge unjust laws and government actions. [...] Why is British Columbia (Attorney General) v Council of Canadians with Disabilities an important case for public interest standing? In June 2022, the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) released a decision in Council of Canadians with Disabilities v British Columbia that upholds the ability of public interest organizations to sue the government on behalf of marginalized communities. [...] Yet, before the case could even go to trial, the Province of BC tried to have the case dismissed by claiming that CCD did not meet the test for public interest standing.