Indigenous Voices of Faith: Fr. Cristino Bouvette
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Indigenous Voices of Faith: Fr. Cristino Bouvette

17 November 2022


Introduction Indigenous Voices of Faith is a series of interviews conducted by Cardus in the fall of 2022, in which we asked twelve Indigenous people in Canada to tell us about their religious faith and experiences. Since 47 percent of Indigenous people in Canada identify as Christians, Christian voices are the primary but not sole focus of this interview series. The purpose of this project is to affirm and to shed light on the religious freedom of Indigenous peoples to hold the beliefs and engage in the practices that they choose and to contextualize their faith within their own cultures. Father Deacon Andrew Bennett, program director for Cardus Faith Communities, interviewed Father Cristino Bouvette in Kemptville, Ontario, on September 9, 2022. Interview Transcript Fr. Dcn. Andrew: Father Cristino, please introduce yourself and tell me a bit about your Indigenous background

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