No. 9 September 2022
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No. 9 September 2022

23 October 2022


at the time of the Clinton presidency kept upping the ante with the aim of winning over and connecting those responsible for the machinery of state to the money market. [...] This includes the end of the Cold War and the end of the world order of the big imperialist powers. [...] The initiative went out of the hands of the working class and people and into the hands of the reactionary bourgeoisie and its anti-social offensive which prioritized the restructuring of the state to favour narrow private interests. [...] How many of the 1 billion citizens NATO claims to represent could accept this irrational argument, not to mention the almost 1.5 billion citizens of China? The fact is that the Canadian people and the Indigenous peoples of the north have always opposed NATO and the U. [...] The more power is concentrated in executives which are out of the reach of the people, the more the people feel the absence of their own political power.