CHA Committee on the Future of the History PhD in Canada
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CHA Committee on the Future of the History PhD in Canada

6 October 2022


They should know as much as possible about the hiring prospects for PhD students, the requirements of programs across the country including the often unwritten expectations of PhD work, the funding possibilities, the average time to completion for a PhD program, and the shifting trends and priorities in the discipline.2 We also hope that it provides a valuable resource for faculty training PhD stu. [...] They should also be aware of the state of the job market, the employment possibilities for PhD graduates outside of academia, the lack of funding for PhD students, and the challenges and expectations of diverse and marginalized PhD students. [...] Front of mind as we began this project was the dismal state of the academic job market, the paucity of funding available to PhD students, the length of time that it was taking to complete a PhD, the possibility of preparing students for jobs outside of academia and the degree to which our disciplinary practices and processes are rooted in colonial practices and class hierarchies. [...] Students in the later stages of their program are even more likely to experience moderate to severe symptoms of depression and anxiety.3 The mental health crisis in graduate education has many causes, including the isolation involved in undertaking a PhD in the humanities, the funding crisis and the lack of secure employment. [...] 21 As a result of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, the growing recognition of the systemic exclusion of Indigenous people from the Academy and the vibrancy of the field right now, there have been a large number of hires in Indigenous history in recent years – 11 in the time period under study here, but we know of another 3 who started 1 July 2022, so 14 altogether, about half of.

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