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Annual 2015 2016 Report 2017 2018

5 Oct 2020

the Sea Around Us entered this debate, largest, such as Greenland, to the which was already taking place in smallest such as Pitcairn Island or The Atlas presented the methods international fora, with the paper, Nauru, however a research group had and results of the 273 catch “Winners and losers in a world where never presented the fisheries catches of reconstructions that the Sea Around the high. [...] the construction of a global database on fishing effort, as expressed by the The authors mapped the growth and Fisheries catch by gear cumulative power of the engines in the spread of industrial fisheries using Sea An intense effort led by Tim Cashion, fishing fleets of maritime countries, Around Us data and found that heavily- resulted in the world’s fisheries catch ranging from small coastal to. [...] The River Eulachon, and outside waters assessment consultants and strongly management procedures considered yelloweye rockfish on the Pacific coast, supported the new management had been found to perform acceptably and for Acadian and deepwater Atlantic process and fishery management in terms of specific conservation and redfish on the Atlantic coast. [...] The story and video Killer Whale population connections between viruses, bacteria, about this innovative use of aerial tools With the Marine Mammal Research Unit, the Pelagic Ecosystems Lab successfully applied to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada for the project “Impacts of marine ecosystem variability on the Southern Resident Killer Whale population in the Salish Sea.” This $1.1milli. [...] The Trained sea lion program is staffed with full-time animal care professionals who are primarily concerned with the health and welfare of the animals, allowing the scientific teams to stay focused on Coast-to-Coast Research experimental design and analysis, and to make the best use of MMRU has undertaken marine mammal research in the their time with the animals.
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