Homelessness Community Action Grants Ministry Update
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Homelessness Community Action Grants Ministry Update

22 December 2022


This will involve the formation of partnerships and support committees for the Neighbourhood Solidarity with Unhoused Neighbours (NSUN), the conduct of training and capacity building for staff, the convening of workshops including the sharing of stories within the community, the creation and conduct of an evaluation framework and the provision of basic needs and housing supports for the most vulne. [...] The project will involve the purchase and distribution of cameras to clients, workshops for clients on the use of the equipment and project framework, selection of photos and creation of accompanying narrative to animate and bring photos to life, and individual liaising with clients to help animate the production and publishing of the hardcover book. [...] This will be accomplished by way of a research process which will include the design and administration of a survey tool, the conduct of a series of focus groups, analysis of the data findings and the production of a final report of findings and a set of recommendations to emerge from the needs assessment. [...] In responding to this need, the Salt Spring and Southern Gulf Islands Community Services Society initiated a process to work with each of the individuals to help them to make the transition to stable and permanent housing with the objective being to use this funding to “help them to write the next chapter of their story”. [...] This will entail the identification of activities, program and initiatives for strategy review, the preparation of a report for the steering committee and a consultation document concerning the mechanisms of strategy implementation, and the implementation of the strategy including a report back on the progress of strategy implementation.

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