International Productivity Monitor
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International Productivity Monitor

16 December 2022


International Productivity Monitor The International Productivity Monitor is published by the Centre for the Study of Living Standards (CSLS) and The Productivity Institute (TPI) to support policy analysis and development in the productiv- ity area. [...] The objective of the Monitor is to focus attention on the importance of productivity for improving living standards and quality of life. [...] The activities of the CSLS are motivated by the following general principles: 1) in the long run, productivity growth is the key to improved living standards; 2) in the short to medium term, elimination of any output gap is the most effec- tive way to raise living standards; 3) the equitable sharing of productivity gains among all groups in society is an essential element of the economic growth pr. [...] We aim to pinpoint the causes of the stagnation in UK productivity and focus energies to laying the foundations for a new era of sustained and inclusive productivity growth. [...] The institute's academic partners include the University of Manchester, where the Institute is also headquartered, and the universities of Cambridge, Glasgow, Sheffield and Warwick, King's College London, Queen's University Belfast as well as the National Institute of Economic and Social Research and the Economic Statistics Centre of Excellence.

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