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14 Jun 2022

Arthur Ellis award–winning William Deverell’s 1983 bestseller An extremist warlord is about to unleash the world’s deadliest shock troops. The Rotkommando — an army of expert terrorists, political fanatics, and psychotic killers — is armed with a failsafe masterplan. Codeword … Mecca. Now the Rotkommando is poised on the brink of a crazed kamikaze mission to nuke Israel and ignite World War III. Only three people on Earth have the power to stop them: a burned-out poet with delusions of grandeur, a devout nymphomaniac with a taste for blood, and a desert guru who communes with camels. From Montreal, New York, and Washington to Paris, Berlin, and Saudi Arabia, Mecca thunders at white-knuckle speed through the knife-edge worlds of espionage and terrorism, where violence is a way of life and time is always running out …
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William Deverell

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