WHAT - What is the problem? NOW? - The West wants in
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WHAT - What is the problem? NOW? - The West wants in

5 January 2023


One thing is clear from the relatively brief strategy document, as well as the confusion and admitted uncertainty in the federal government’s communication about it – there is still a window to help the government fill in the large number of blanks in how the strategy will be implemented. [...] How important is this region Figure 3 shows exports to the major trade blocs in the Indo-Pacific region to which Canada is a part: the CPTPP, to the West? to which it is negotiating entrance; the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and to which Canada The Prairies are the most export-dependent region could apply; and the Regional Comprehensive Economic of Canada with exports accounting. [...] The largest the Indo-Pacific region offers the best opportunities for export destination for the Prairies is the U. [...] including projects for funding, public pushback on missing The big constraint on trade is the rise of trade irritants elements and advocacy to shape implementation of the and things like the non-tariff barriers used in the canola IPS. [...] A summit would also signal western Canadian seriousness to economies of the region and remind them of the need to also talk to the West in Table 1 (page 6) shows the strategic objectives and addition to Ottawa.



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