CIGI Papers No. 270 — January 2023 - Mitigating Global Fragmentation in Digital Trade Governance
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CIGI Papers No. 270 — January 2023 - Mitigating Global Fragmentation in Digital Trade Governance

6 January 2023


In current efforts to level, participating in the various WTO digital trade deliver tangible results for governance of digital initiatives that build on the foundation of the WTO trade, two cross-cutting themes in the literature General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS).12 and on negotiators’ agendas concern establishment of a trusted environment for the conduct of digital The paper proceeds a. [...] Based on a sample of the literature, the It then highlights the need for trade policy action economic evidence, trust and data matters in light of empirical indicators of impediments are addressed in turn as an underpinning to digital trade and its importance to business, for the subsequent treatment of related taking account of the position of the case study issues in the case study analysis. [...] As the selected trade accords are now The actions highlighted in Evenett and Fritz in force,23 the paper considers the structure of (2022) affected a range of final goods and services services trade for the case study economies and associated with the digital economy, as well as the evolution of exports in high-digital-intensity inputs at various stages of the supply chain (for service sectors, in. [...] The and connectivity impediments contributed much index scores are used here to assess the relative of the increase in the average scores, overwhelming domestic services market openness of the very modest average improvements in the areas case study economies and the broader sample of electronic transactions and IP rights in some of countries covered by the OECD team. [...] As part of the decision, ministers also Commerce (ministers of Australia, Japan and agreed to reinvigorate the work program in line Singapore) confirmed that the talks remain on with earlier mandates, especially in relation to the course with the potential to prepare a consolidated economic development dimension.33 The future negotiating text by the end of the year (WTO status of the moratorium re.

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