Reducing the Nuclear Weapons Risks in the Ukraine Conflict
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Reducing the Nuclear Weapons Risks in the Ukraine Conflict

13 January 2023


These lie in the asymmetrical end of the Cold War and the failure to create an inclusive and equitable system of European security… However, despite this, there have been civilian corridors established, and temporary ceasefires to allow grain shipments (enabled by Turkey, the ICRC and the UN) for mutual benefit. [...] Grinius said that the soldier’s advice to decision makers is to face the worst case, whereas the diplomat chases the best-case outcome. [...] Even absent nuclear weapons, the AK47, tanks and artillery are the current “weapons of mass destruction”, added to which are the deployment of drones and missiles. [...] UN Reform While the influence of the United Nations, which came out of the destruction of WW II, has been diminished in the light of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, its stature has grown somewhat in the South. [...] • Canada can pursue diminution of the role of nuclear weapons in NATO's Strategic Concept and reduce the possibility of their intentional or accidental use as a result of hostilities in Ukraine.