Towards a More Global CHA | Vers un SHC plus globale
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Towards a More Global CHA | Vers un SHC plus globale

27 January 2023


She is also a former president of the Association of Black American and Caribbean Studies, she teaches courses on the history of the Caribbean, the history of the African diaspora, and the history of colonial health and medicine. [...] This evolution reflects primarily intellectual curiosity, so as I’ve indicated, the subjects I’m interested in, so specifically the emergence and evolution of public policies and government institutions in the realm of health and social welfare, really has encouraged me to think comparatively within the context of the British Caribbean, and to look for connections with other parts of the British E. [...] If this paper had been, for example, solely on a Caribbean topic, realistically, I probably would have just sent it to the ACA, the Association of Caribbean Historians, right? So that makes – and so the question is, would I present this work in a Canadian context, in the context of the CHA, if it didn’t have a Canadian element, and I think the correct answer to that is no. [...] I’m particularly looking at and analysing the history of stage actresses between 1850 to 1950 in both the cities of London and Calcutta, looking at their labour as legitimate creative labour, making it a part of the larger metanarrative on labour, and how their political engagement basically enabled them in the first half of the 1900s to become part of the political movements. [...] Apart from that, more speaking from experience, is that there has been in the larger conferences, I also applied for the Canadian Historical Association and conference, it has been difficult to fit in my research, personally, speaking from experience in the larger context of the panels that are being organized in the conference and the annual conference of the CHA.

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