Textile test methods : combustion resistance of mattresses - cigarette test.
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Textile test methods : combustion resistance of mattresses - cigarette test.



"This National Standard of Canada was developed to provide flammability requirements for mattresses intended for consumer use, with the aim to reduce the unreasonable risk of property damage, burn injuries and deaths from fires associated with mattresses. The standard determines the combustion resistance of a mattress when exposed to a smouldering ignition source, under defined conditions. Canada has a regulatory framework in place to protect Canadians from product-related hazards and to promote the safe use of products. Flammability requirements for mattresses intended for consumer use are set out in the Mattresses Regulations under the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act. The Regulations incorporate the Canadian General Standards Board standard CAN/CGSB-4.2 No. 27.7, entitled Textile test methods — Combustion resistance of mattresses — Cigarette test, as the national test method for determining the combustion resistance of mattresses"--Introduction, page i. Issued also in French under title: Méthodes pour épreuves textiles : résistance des matelas à la combustion - essai de brûlure de cigarette. "Supersedes CAN/CGSB-4.2 No. 27.7-2013." "ICS 59.080.30." Includes bibliographical references.

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