“Fighting to Keep Your Home in a Community” Understanding Evictions through
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“Fighting to Keep Your Home in a Community” Understanding Evictions through

16 December 2022


The interviews focused on participants' knowledge and understanding of the causes of evictions, the populations or groups most affected by evictions, and the impacts of evictions on individuals, families, and communities. [...] Discrimination and eviction While the economic vulnerabilities of tenants were described as a cause of eviction, interviewees described individual and systemic discrimination as persistent challenges for renters that limit access to stable housing and undermine the stability of their tenancies. [...] Participants described how the noise that children can make, the size of the family relative to the size of the apartment, and discrimination against families with children can contribute to eviction. [...] Impacts on individuals At the individual/household level, participants noted the undermining effects of the eviction process itself, from the stress and fear accompanying the receipt of an eviction notice to the stigmatizing effects of being evicted and displaced from housing. [...] Together these trends and observations from across the work—the economic vulnerability, the system that works in favour of landlords over renters, and the presence of discrimination may fuel vulnerability for some populations and amplify the impacts across communities.

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