Public Hearing Audience publique - Commissioner / Commissaire The Honourable / L’honorable


Public Hearing Audience publique - Commissioner / Commissaire The Honourable / L’honorable

7 Dec 2022

And the RCMP had briefed in the early days of the 7 convoy, certainly within the first week, that there needed to be 8 a significant change in the security posture regarding the 9 Ministers that are in that paragraph. [...] 5 And indeed, one of my main concerns was that 6 given, again, some of the stated objectives by some, including 7 the potential to become violent, that we were just returning 8 from winter session, and the first day of the resumption of 9 Parliament coincided with one of the early days in the blockade 10 and subsequent occupation right here in Ottawa. [...] So 4 it was a combination of what we were seeing on the ground in the 5 activities of the convoy, and probably the most aggressive 6 demonstration of their presence was the parking of, ultimately, 7 hundreds of trucks on Wellington Street, which is one of the 8 main arteries that runs through the Parliamentary Precinct. [...] I believe he was 10 referring to the fact that at the point in time that we were 11 having these trilateral conversations that there was a lot of 12 attention that was being placed on both the City of Ottawa as 13 well as the federal government, and, you know, I believe he was 14 conveying a perception that Ontario wasn’t at the table at the 15 time. [...] 29 MINISTER MENDICINO In-Ch(Chaudhury) 1 time, the level of organization, and to the extent that you were 2 hearing this and the interconnectedness, or not, of what was 3 going on across the country? 4 MINISTER MARCO MENDICINO: That is a critically 5 important intervention by Chief Sloly at the time, for a couple 6 of reasons.


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