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mcp Information Manual O -C

28 February 2023


For each Call Group that you participate in, set up the corresponding Fee Code in the TeleClaim Fee Schedule by entering the applicable information in the following fields: Fee code - enter the Fee Code for your group from the table ABS Fee - click on this box, a check mark will appear Fee Amount - enter the Rate from the table Fee Description - enter the Call Group Name from the table Cli. [...] For each call group that you participate in, enter the applicable information in the followingS feiepltdesm: ber, 2013 Hospital Number: Enter the ‘Institution No.’ from the table Hospital Name: Enter the ‘Institution Name’ from the table Click on ‘Save’. [...] When you tab from the ‘Units’ field to the ‘Fee Claimed’ field, the dollar amount will be calculated and entered into the ‘Fee Claimed’ field based on the data in your Fee Schedule for that fee code. [...] When TeleClaim has created the submission file, the message “Batch completed” will be displayed, as well as the number of claims in the file, the total dollar amount of the claims in the file and the submission file name. [...] Should the on-call claim form be sent to MCP without ALL the mandatory fields completed, the claim will be returned.

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