A Comprehensive Strategy to Secure Ukraine’s Future
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A Comprehensive Strategy to Secure Ukraine’s Future

1 February 2023


Members Abstract Introduction Strategic Implications The Principles of the TAG Strategy The Strategy Diplomatic Informational Military Conventional Nuclear Economic Lessons From the War for NATO Consequences of a Partial Russian Victory The Way Ahead Summary of Recommendations Members Dr Franco Algieri,General (Ret.) John R. Allen,Dr Jordan Becker,Dr Robert Bell,Lieutenant General (Ret.) Rob BertholeeDr Hans Binnendijk,Brigadier General (Ret.) Robbie Boyd,Professor Yves Boyer,Lieutenant General (Ret.) Heinrich BraussDr John Bruni,Ian Brzezinski,Kate Hansen Bundt,Professor Paul Cornish,Judy Dempsey,Lieutenant General (Ret.) Arne Bard Dalhaug,Professor Marta Dassu,Major General (Ret.) Gordon Davis,Slawomir Debski,Konstantin Eggert,General (Ret.) Sir James Everard,Brigadier General (Ret.) Rainer Meyer zum Felde,Keir Giles,Dr Camille Grand,Lieutenant General (Ret.) Giles Hill,Lieutenant General (Ret.) Ben Hodges,Dr Rich Hooker,Dr Sarah Kirchberger,Imants Liegis,Professor Neil MacFarlane,Professor Julian Lindley-French (Project Director and Lead Writer),Senator Stephen Loosely,Edward Lucas,Dr Claudia Major,Professor Andrew Michta,Professor Zaneta Ozolina,Admiral (Ret.) Giampaolo di Paola,Air Chief Marshal (Ret.) Sir Stuart Peach,Eric Povel,Trygve Refvem,General (Ret.) Lord (David) Richards,Ambassador (Ret.) Alessandro Minuto Rizzo,Professor Peter Roberts,Colin Robertson,Professor Sten Rynning,Professor Em. Jaap de Hoop Scheffer,Professor Paul Schulte,Dr Alexandra Schwarzkopf,General (Ret.) Sir Richard Shirreff,Dr Stan Sloan,General (Ret.) Sir Rupert SmithAmbassador (Ret.) Carsten Sondergaard,Professor Georges-Henri Soutou,Ambassador (Ret.) Stefano Stefanini,Dr Harlan UllmanJames J. Townsend,Patrick Turner,Ambassador (Ret.) Alexander Vershbow,Anna Wieslander,Professor Rob de Wijk,Professor Tomonori Yoshizaki TOP OF PAGE Abstract As Russia’s war of aggression enters its second year, the Western definition of success must remain the re-establishment of Ukraine as a secure and sovereign European democracy with all the rights and responsibilities that entails. The critical issue the TAG Ukraine Strategy 2023 (the Strategy) thus addresses is the scope and extent of Western support required to reinforce that goal across the diplomatic, informational, military and economic domains. For the purpose of the Strategy, “the West” encompasses the Euro-Atlantic Community and those members of the G7 and beyond, such as Australia, Japan and South Korea, the policies of which are largely aligned. Specific aims are threefold

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