CEC Fact Sheet  #81    |    March 2023 C A
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CEC Fact Sheet #81 | March 2023 C A

4 March 2023


- 1 - Canada’s trade in renewable energy products Trade in renewable products: Canada Figure 1 imports more solar panel and wind turbine Canada’s Trade in products than it exports Renewable Energy Products 2021 | C. [...] - 2 - Canada’s trade in renewable energy products In 2012, the value of solar panel products that Canada Import and export partners for solar exported was CA $163 million. [...] Meanwhile, between 2012 Vietnam (27 percent) and China (21 percent) combined and 2021, the value of wind turbine products exported was were the origin of most imports of solar panels to Canada relatively negligible; less than CA $1 million worth in 2021 in 2021. [...] Major exporters of solar panels and wind turbines China, Malaysia, and Vietnam were the largest worldwide exporters of solar panel products in 2021. [...] The authors and the Canadian Energy Centre would like to thank and acknowledge the assistance of two anonymous reviewers in reviewing the data and research for the initial edition of this Fact Sheet.

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