March 1, 2023GEM Digest of the Month - Published monthly since December 2009 Contents
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March 1, 2023GEM Digest of the Month - Published monthly since December 2009 Contents

1 March 2023


How do we make use of the innovation and lessons learned from the experience of the Canadian and international evaluation community in order to benefit local interventions? This is the driving question behind the 2023 Canadian Evaluation Society conference which will provide an opportunity to reflect on the state of the evaluation practice through the theme “Evaluation in a Changing World”. [...] • Sub-theme 1: In the face of transformations, how should evaluation evolve? • Sub-theme 2: What is the contribution of evaluation in dealing with the complexity of change? • Sub-theme 3: How to respond to change by taking advantage of the plurality of evaluation practices? • Sub-theme 4: How to address the challenges facing professionalization? Go to Top. [...] A growing number of female farm operators in Canada help put food on our tables A steady increase in the number and the proportion of female farm operators: Data from the 2021 Census of Agriculture show that the number of female farm operators increased for the first time since 1991. [...] In this series, the Guardian and the Fuller Project look at the lives of women, especially women of color, who help drive the economy of the US’s second-most racially diverse state but don’t get their fair share of the pie. [...] In the last 16 Days of Activism campaign, the FAIR for ALL project team in Indonesia initiated the production of Menstrual Kit as a campaign tool to increase awareness of the importance of sexual & reproductive health, particularly among female farmers and girls in rural areas.

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