Canada’s New Indo-Pacific Strategy: A Critical Assessment
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Canada’s New Indo-Pacific Strategy: A Critical Assessment

9 March 2023


A risk for Canada is that many of the countries in the Indo-Pacific region that are the targets of the strategy do not share a Manichean view of China. [...] As for welcome programs like the Regional Engagement Initiative, the sending of experts to the region and the granting of scholarships, the potential users and beneficiaries of these programs wait expectantly for news. [...] China is the largest regional economy, the largest trading partner of most if not all of the Indo-Pacific countries, the largest potential strategic threat and one of the largest sources of both students and immigrants for Canada. [...] In its approach to China, the strategy asserts that “Canada’s approach is aligned with those of our partners in the region and around the world.” That is a bit of a stretch. [...] 10 ABOUT THE SCHOOL OF PUBLIC POLICY The School of Public Policy has become the flagship school of DISCLAIMER its kind in Canada by providing a practical, global and focused The opinions expressed in perspective on public policy analysis and practice in areas these publications are the of energy and environmental policy, international policy and authors’ alone and therefore do not necessarily refl.

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