Social Policy Trends: Measuring the Affordability of Shelter
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Social Policy Trends: Measuring the Affordability of Shelter

14 March 2023


8% At the heart of such policies is a judgement of the amount of income required to secure 6% and retain housing. [...] the CMHC has calculated the percentage of households in housing hardship, that is, the percentage unable to meet other basic needs after paying for The 30% rule for defining the affordability of shelter is an arbitrary relic from shelter. [...] In the chart, the blue bars show the results of these calculations for the past. [...] The orange bars show the percentage of households spending more on housing than the The Canada Housing and Mortgage Corporation (CMHC) is researching the feasibility of a arbitrary 30% rule suggests is appropriate. [...] Relative to the 30% rule, the new Shelter is unique among basic needs in that it absorbs a very large part of an individual’s or measure suggests shelter is affordable to many more people in Alberta and family’s income, and it is hard to adjust the amount of it one consumes.

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