cover image: November 17/22 Accessibility Advisory Committee Annual Town Hall |



November 17/22 Accessibility Advisory Committee Annual Town Hall |

23 Nov 2022

FEEDBACK, INPUT, QUESTIONS AND COMMENTS FROM THE PUBLIC The Chair reviewed the ground rules and opened up the floor for the public to share their feedback. [...] Andrew Janzten expressed concerns around accessing beach mats as sometimes there is a lot of sand between the path to the beach and the mats themselves which can be difficult to navigate and would like to see something done to address this issue. [...] Lindsay Mullin, Outreach and Engagement Specialist, Halifax Transit Services noted that they believed this was the case and offered to take the speaker’s information and to provide an answer to the speaker at a later date. [...] ENVISIONING A MORE ACCESSIBLE FUTURE – OPEN FLOOR Tracey Jones-Grant, Managing Director, Office of Diversity and Inclusion/ANSAIO opened the visioning session and encouraged attendees to share their thoughts on the biggest accessibility concerns facing the Municipality in 2023 and provide feedback on the format of the Town Hall in order to inform the work of the Accessibility Advisory Committee mo. [...] CLOSING COMMENTS The Chair thanked the panel and the public for attending and noted that the concerns have been heard by staff and work would begin on the issues raised.
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