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22 March 2023


They understood that health care, public health and they themselves did not have the power to address many of the issues the nail technicians were facing — many of them were out of the health sector’s scope of work and jurisdiction. [...] In this case study, we describe the realities of working as a nail technician and weak, and if more nail technicians join the the health issues that often ensue, the efforts by Parkdale association … we are a more powerful voice.” Queen West CHC to support the nail technician community, MONICA FU, NAIL SALON WORKER AND OWNER and the achievements and challenges encountered along (2014 ROUNDTABLE PA. [...] The project carries out work in five areas: Network-building: Worker engagement and organizing: The project has built connections within Ontario, in other Peer educators, a mix of nail technicians and others from provinces and in the United States to support the work. [...] ADVANCING HEALTH EQUITY FOR NAIL TECHNICIANS BY SHARING AND BUILDING POWER The various projects and networks to support nail technicians • Public health and health care do not, on their own, have in Toronto have collectively discovered that, to advance health the power to address many of the complex issues facing equity with this group, a different approach is needed. [...] The Centre for Research Expertise in Occupational Disease and the Ontario Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training The Atkinson Foundation funding to build membership, and Skills Development, which funded workplace health begin more formal organizing within the community, and and safety education to nail salons and work for creating connect with workers in the United States to locate the work a r.

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