FAILURE TO FORTIFY - How companies are neglecting to take a simple step that could save
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FAILURE TO FORTIFY - How companies are neglecting to take a simple step that could save

17 February 2023


In late 2015, the cost of adding folic acid to flour in the United States was estimated at $0.50 per ton of flour, equivalent to less than five cents per person per year.26,27 Fortification in the United States dates back to the 1920s when iodine was added to salt to prevent goiter.28 Today, some countries require the addition of specific amounts of nutrients to specific foods, referred to as “man. [...] Because folic acid is a synthetic form The attention to NTDs and folic acid opened a debate of folate and is never found naturally in foods, foods with folic acid are always about the best way to supply folic acid to the population. [...] is not the cause of lower folic acid intake and higher rates of NTDs among Latino/a/e people, folic acid fortification of corn masa flour could be a targeted intervention for increasing folic acid intake in this population and could help to bridge the gap in NTD outcomes. [...] In order to submit the petition, the working group had to provide information about folic acid intake by sub-population groups such as children and older adults, and the potential for excess folate intake from supplements and fortified foods; address potential safety concerns; propose how the agency should measure impact; and provide evidence of the stability of folic acid in corn masa flour.76 Af. [...] Our objective was to assess the food industry’s uptake of the 2016 voluntary corn masa fortification rule by examining the prevalence of folic acid fortification of corn masa and to comparing the proportion of corn masa products that contain folic acid to the proportion of wheat products that contain folic acid.

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