Privacy Pursuit! Protecting Your Privacy Grades: 4-5 Teacher’s version
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Privacy Pursuit! Protecting Your Privacy Grades: 4-5 Teacher’s version

17 April 2023


I understand the need to ensure the physical and logical security of a digital environment • I am careful to only share the personal data that is absolutely necessary to register for a service • I know that there are ways to protect myself online Managing My Data • I know that, to use certain online services, my consent or consent of my parents/legal guardians is required • I use procedures availa. [...] What kind of personal information connected to you might they collect? (For instance, if you send an email on a computer or tablet, the device — or the apps on it — might record your email address; if you have fingerprint access enabled on a tablet or phone, it will record your fingerprints to make it work.) Now display or distribute page 12 and have students do the word search activity. [...] Ask: What are the signs that something might be a scam? (When they’re asking you to give out your personal information or click a link.) What should you do if you think that something might be a scam? (Talk to an adult you trust right away!) Now display or distribute pages seven and eight. [...] (Review the answers on page 14.) Ask: • Do you agree with this advice? • Why or why not? (Prompt students about the need to think before you post content, talk to people online, or follow links in emails or messages.) • What other advice might you give to Mei, Kamran, Quinn or Luke? 5 Next, display or distribute page 11. [...] Phishing When scammers try to trick you to get you to give them information about yourself or get access to your accounts or devices.

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