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3 May 2023


The third challenge is the urgent need for “a just and efficient clean energy transition” to counter the accelerating climate crisis. [...] The Biden administration is still committed to the values represented by the WTO, he said. [...] Sullivan also cited reform as including accommodating “legitimate national security interests,” ignoring that Article XXI of GATT 1994 (agreed to by the US when the GATT was negotiated in 1947 and was reaffirmed by the US with GATT 1994) already addresses this issue by setting out the circumstances in which a GATT member can take action it considers necessary for the protection of its essential se. [...] On a positive note, he emphasized that it is neither feasible nor desirable for the US to build everything domestically and he stressed the importance in working with US trading partners. [...] Jon Johnson is a former advisor to the Canadian government during NAFTA negotiations and is a Senior Fellow at the C.

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