INSIGHT: GREATER CHINA - Taiwan’s Political Parties Name Presidential Candidates Setting
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INSIGHT: GREATER CHINA - Taiwan’s Political Parties Name Presidential Candidates Setting

18 May 2023


Ko’s presidential bid — which saw minimal intra- IN BRIEF party resistance — marks the TPP’s latest bid to shake up Taiwan’s ‘blue-green’ (KMT-DPP) rivalry and On May 8, Ko Wen-je, ex-mayor of Taipei and affirms the party’s position as the island’s centrist current chairman of the TPP, formally applied to third force. [...] Seeking to build his campaign around the livable cities in the world), the TPP hopes to replicate idea of “peace, harmony, and reconciliation” between Ko’s brand of pragmatism in Taiwan’s highest office. [...] Will there be Ko-Gou co-operation? seen as a pro-Beijing figure, Hou’s candidacy reflects the KMT’s balancing act in its Mainland China policy, Although the KMT’s Terry Gou said after the as he holds a position that diverges from the party’s nomination announcement that he would support more traditional, ‘Beijing-friendly’ image to appeal his party’s presidential candidate Hou to “take to a broade. [...] The TPP’s Ko, down the incompetent (DPP) government,” recent meanwhile, might land on a similar middle ground in interactions between Gou and the TPP’s Ko have his geopolitical strategy, as he is seen as supporting led some to speculate about possible collaboration Taiwan’s sovereignty while promoting engagement between the two, especially as Ko is still looking for a with both Beijing and Washing. [...] Beijing, Washington look on for its handling of cross-strait relations and accuse While the KMT’s Hou will surely be pressed to the party of disrupting channels of engagement elaborate on his cross-strait policy, Beijing, which with Beijing, the latest opinion polls indicate that, traditionally favours China-friendly KMT candidates, at least for now, a victory for Lai Ching-te, the DPP will be clo.

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