cover image: Economic Impact of New Brunswick Community Energy Plans


Economic Impact of New Brunswick Community Energy Plans

1 May 2023

Beyond the scope of this Study, but addressed anecdotally, is the effect of creating aggregated demand across the province for the technologies identified in the communities’ Community Energy Plans that have the potential to attract product and service providers in the transitioning energy economy. [...] 7 4.1 LOCAL ENERGY ECONOMY THROUGH THE LENS OF A GHG INVENTORY The Community Energy Plans reviewed for each of the six participating municipalities provided a starting point in the form of greenhouse gas emissions profiles for each of the participating municipalities. [...] Finally, Figure 4 illustrates the current stage of the energy transition that is largely driven by the technologies that are mainly identified in the Community Energy Plans of the participating communities.4 Figure 2 - Pre-industrial Energy Systems 4 Appendix 1 indicates a typical list of measures and related technologies identified in the CEPs of the participating municipalities. [...] The columns indicated in maroon are the main multipliers used in estimating the job creation effects of implementing CEPs and reducing the energy expenditures of the entire community. [...] The potential for the implementation of Community Energy Plans across the municipal sector in the Province will contribute significantly to the objectives of the three pillars of the New Brunswick’s Climate Change Action Plan (2022-2027).
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