CIGI Papers No. 276 — May 2023 - Weaponizing Privacy and Copyright Law for Censorship
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CIGI Papers No. 276 — May 2023 - Weaponizing Privacy and Copyright Law for Censorship

24 May 2023


US and European copyright and privacy laws shape the visibility and viability of news media This paper focuses on the US Digital Millennium globally, from their ability to claim fair use and Copyright Act (DMCA) and the EU Directive on conduct investigative reporting in the public Copyright in the Digital Single Market (Copyright interest to the resources they must deploy to Directive), and the so. [...] In the years since Rodney Directive’s compatibility with the Charter of King’s 1991 beating by police in California Fundamental Rights of the European Union and was captured on video, the convergence of freedom of expression, prompted the court to smartphones and widespread community efforts acknowledge the tension between the use of upload to document and report on police actions, filters and fre. [...] Yet a recent congressional assessment of the The DMCA is meant to provide immunity to the DMCA done as part of an effort to reform the platforms as well as remedy to their users, but globally influential law did not grapple with it routinely fails to do the latter due to legal and the press freedom challenges or the unintended linguistic challenges. [...] Hosted on the 30 The Supreme Court of Cassation (Italian Supreme Court) accepted an same platform as the Panama Papers and funded appeal and ruled in 2020 that “the individual who is the subject of a by the European Commission, the database was news story, subject to the limits of its truth, will not be able to have it removed from the archives of an online newspaper by invoking the right created. [...] The failure by intermediaries to address the negative externalities that algorithmic Ensuring the sustainability of journalism and news enforcement of the DMCA, the GDPR, the right to media should be a central concern of policy makers be forgotten and other legal regulatory measures seeking to shape the information ecosystem, have on legitimate news content must be rectified protect their citizens.

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