cover image: Rapid Review - Policy options for emergency department diversion


Rapid Review - Policy options for emergency department diversion

14 Jul 2023

The views expressed herein are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the Institute of Health Economics or the North American Observatory on Health Systems and Policies. [...] The template includes four sections (with the exception of Ontario): 1) a brief overview of the country’s healthcare system; 2) the impetus for reform (i.e., the challenges to the emergency care system); 3) a summary of key measures of ED diversion; and 4) an overall assessment and lessons learned. [...] The research team discussed findings to identify important policy lessons and cross-cutting themes such as challenges and facilitators of ED diversion policy implementation, target populations, and the extent and quality of evidence of impact of these strategies and initiatives. [...] In Denmark, a minor change in the cost of the helpline reform of the Capital Region emergency care system was found in the first two years after the implementation of the reform in 2014 (Zinger et al., 2022). [...] Adaptation of conventional services The second type of model, adaptation of conventional services, refers to the introduction of organizational and professional changes to existing services to meet the evolving health needs and growing demand for care (e.g., co-location of GPs at EDs).


Levi B.; Tan S.; Marani H.; Allin S.

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