Far and Widening
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Far and Widening

3 August 2023


He is the author of Missing From the Village, and host of two podcasts for the CBC: The Village, and The Flamethrowers. [...] In the distance painted sign shows hands grabbing similar sits the Gothic Revival architecture of West bars with the caption: “Trudeau’s new home.” Block, the temporary home of the House A few feet above the crowd, attached to of Commons. [...] There are plenty vaccines, lockdowns and even the very of examples of similar cases: people who are idea of public health expertise brought the mobbed and harassed for having the wrong simmering tensions to a head, exposing opinions, or for making a joke for a small online the raw polarization at the very heart of the audience that becomes a national news story. [...] Thanks to that basic trust in our leaders and in our resilient institutions, Canada had one of the lowest COVID-19 death rates in the world,²⁸ and one of the strongest rates of vaccine uptake.²⁹ On the other side were those more predis- posed to distrust government and experts, and who found vindication for this skepticism in Canada’s pandemic response. [...] In reaction, and with a vast digital library of scientific literature, speculation, polemic, misinformation and conspiracy theories at their fingertips, they found community.³⁰ Young Canadian adults PUBLIC POLICY FORUM 34 FAR AND WIDENING: THE RISE OF POLARIZATION IN CANADA “These two groups, the trusting assuring them curfews reduced the number and the skeptical, came to a of COVID-19 cases.

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