cover image: 23-084-CRS Appendix A - Advisory Committee Appointment Policy ADM 045



23-084-CRS Appendix A - Advisory Committee Appointment Policy ADM 045

8 Mar 2023

While it is the legislative mandate of the Cambridge Council to make the final decision on all matters that affect the Municipality, the role of an advisory committee is to provide recommendations, advice, and information to staff to be incorporated into reports to Cambridge City Council on those specialized matters which relate to the purpose of the advisory committee. [...] After the one-year absence, the member of the public is eligible to re-apply to serve on the former Advisory Committee. [...] A member of the public who has been appointed to fill a vacancy partway through the Advisory Committee term will be appointed for the balance of the existing term. [...] When the resignation is accepted by the City Clerk, the City Clerk shall also consider the need to replace the Advisory Committee member, having regard to the remaining composition of the committee, whether there are any alternate members that could take the place of the member who has resigned, the current workload of the committee and the length of time remaining in the committee member’s term. [...] A Member of an Advisory Committee who intends to leave a meeting before the meeting is adjourned shall inform the Chair of this intention either at the start of the meeting or prior to leaving.


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