cover image: REPORT Developmental Evaluation of Eva’s Youth Belong Program - JULY 2022


REPORT Developmental Evaluation of Eva’s Youth Belong Program - JULY 2022

11 Aug 2023

Youth in the shared housing stream and the private rental accommodation stream differed in terms of independence, relationship and rap- port with staff, access to rent subsidies, access to programming and services, as well as access to and utilization of resources (i.e., education and employment sup- port, necessities, wraparound supports). [...] At the height of the pandemic, youth in the private rental market were not able to come on-site and staff were not able to meet youth in the community. [...] The mandate of the YOUth Belong program is to provide Black youth experiencing homelessness or precarious living with the life skills and capacity to navigate the systems that they will connect with daily, while rooting them in their communities and multi-faceted identities. [...] The purpose of the evaluation was to learn about successes and chal- lenges with its different housing components, to assess the cultural responsiveness of pro- gramming and services, and to understand how the program is unique. [...] The qualitative interviews provided an opportunity to expand upon the topics in the survey and to gain more insight into program strengths and weaknesses relating to accessibility and cultural responsiveness of programs and services offered at YOUth Belong.
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