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26 Jun 2023

The strategy will be analyzed in this chapter as a package because the combination of instruments reflects the Conservative market-based approach to social policy which leaves the provision of services to the market and the provinces. [...] To calculate the aggregate value of tax assistance we need to add the cost of maintaining the existing tax expendi- tures to the cost of the supplemental program. [...] THE CANADA CHILD CARE ACT The significant new initiative of the government strategy is the introduction of the proposed Canada Child Care Act to replace Graham, Katherine A. [...] The Act, however, is silent on the definition of a "subsidized space" and, thus, does not specify the amount of money that a province would have to provide to a space to qualify it as "subsidized." The Minister of Finance took a major part in developing the policy and has a designated authority in the bill equivalent to the Minister of Health and Welfare. [...] Although the preamble of the Act mentions the need to improve the availability, affordability, quality and accessibility of child care services, the body of the Act is silent about national objectives and delivery standards.



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