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September 2023 C - Literature Rev - iew of the Economic Impacts of

15 Sep 2023

The review also discusses data limitations in estimating the impact of broadband, including the critique of the use of broadband penetration rate as an instrument for broadband adoption, and the advantages and disadvantages of firm-level data. [...] The literature review consists of nine sections: 1) key concepts, 2) impact of broadband on output and labour productivity, 3) impact of broadband on total factor productivity, 4) impact of broadband applications on employment, 5) impact of broadband on economic outcomes, 6) impact of broadband on other economic outcomes, 7) methodological issues in estimating the impact of broadband, 8) data limi. [...] There is no consensus on the definition of broadband; the discrepancy between the minimum download speed of 256 Kbps and 25 Mbps is notable with the former being one-hundredth of the latter. [...] In addition, the author considers the network externality property of broadband: as the number of broadband users increases, the value of broadband usage increases. [...] (2010) concluded that approximately €36 billion of investment in broadband technology would generate a total of 960,000 jobs in the German economy: 541,000 from the construction of the network and 430,000 from the deployment of the network.


Inez Hillel

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