cover image: CIGI Papers No. 282 — September 2023 - State-Centric Data Governance in China


CIGI Papers No. 282 — September 2023 - State-Centric Data Governance in China

11 Sep 2023

This represented the State-Centric Data Governance in China 1 first of the major laws that constitute China’s data for the growth of the digital economy, data as governance system and laid the foundation for the a new type of factor of production is expected DSL and the PIPL that followed. [...] Prior to the drafting of the PIPL, the government’s unilateral access to personal previous laws and regulations in related fields data in the name of national security or criminal already contained articles and clauses on protecting investigation (article 35 of the DSL) and the personal information in China. [...] Beyond the data security China, all indicate that China’s promise in the concern, the drafting of the PIPL was spurred PIPL does not provide enough credibility to externally by the passing of the GDPR and internally assure personal information would be properly by the increasingly louder voices calling for the protected against the state power in the country. [...] Security Serious challenges and hindrances exist in key areas of the big data industry, the overall Data as the Core Engine data-enabled digital economy and the digital for the Digital Economy transformation of industries, society and public services, and the government’s open data projects. [...] The role of data as a Data Security at the Expense factor endowment is described as the crucial of Personal Data Protection element to enable capacities for the digital transformation of traditional industries through Data security, including strict regulations the establishment of the industrial internet and on cross-border data flows, data localization centre for digital transformation, as well.
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