Practice  |  Cases - Lead toxicity from Ayurvedic medicines - Key points
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Practice | Cases - Lead toxicity from Ayurvedic medicines - Key points

26 July 2023


She was prescribed analgesics, laxatives and contacted Public Health Ontario, a provincial public health her usual medications, and was scheduled for follow-up with the agency that provides scientific and technical support to the internal medicine and hematology services. [...] At the tained 129 000 µg/g of lead (about 13% lead by weight), strongly second follow-up 4 weeks after discharge, at which point one of the suggesting that the pills were the source of the lead toxicity. [...] She had stopped taking them before her admission with the Natural Health Products Regulations and resulted in the to hospital because of the abdominal pain, but had resumed them seizure of hundreds of pills.1 after discharge. [...] Health Canada independently tested 15 types of pills seized at the practitioner’s Table 1: Sources of lead that may lead to elevations in blood lead levels clinic and found high levels of arsenic, mercury or lead in 14 of the samples. [...] patients is a blood lead level greater than 70–100  µg/dL, with Lead exposure has decreased over the past 40  years given lower thresholds for children and pregnant people.12 The quality increasingly strict regulations on leaded gasoline and consumer of the evidence for the effectiveness of chelation is not strong; products.

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