cover image: ANNUAL REPORT 2022-2023



18 Sep 2023

That is why mental heath, substance use, support and treatment, stigma, and discrimination and social support services are vital to the work against those living with HIV and those in the we do. [...] ACT is also excited to be among the partners in HQ Toronto, a game-changing sexual health, mental With your support, ACT will continue to prioritize health and community health hub for 2Spirit, gay, the health and well-being of those living with HIV bi, queer cis and trans guys as well as all trans and and the communities most impacted by HIV in non-binary people. [...] The Women’s Program Coordinators Grace and Esther make size of the program has grown to over 400 service users the program more accessible by offering child-minding as we continue to meet the demand for support directed subsidies and public transit fare to ensure that anyone towards women living with HIV and the resources and interested has the fair opportunity to attend the program. [...] and has developed the Trans Model of Care to help more service users and service providers to become trans Improving Trans Health Care reduces the possibility of health literate, and create safer spaces for gender diverse new transmissions and encourages better sexual health folks to receive the healthcare they require. [...] 9 At a Glance MENTAL HEALTH CARE The need for mental health programming in our Acknowledging that ACT has such a vast experience of community is ever present, and in the City of Toronto working with people living with and at risk of HIV, our we see a demand that far exceeds the available, team has the skill set and cultural awareness to expand accessible resources.
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