cover image: November 2023  C - ENTRE FOR - The Deteriorating Investment


November 2023 C - ENTRE FOR - The Deteriorating Investment

17 Nov 2023

Finally, part three of the report analyzes outcomes from parts one and two of the report, providing a summary of the findings and a conclusion regarding the investment situation in New Brunswick 10 Part One: An Overview of Investment Developments in New Brunswick, 1961- 2021 This report overviews trends in investment in New Brunswick compared to other provinces and Canada as a whole. [...] In particular, the percentage of non-residential investment in structures in GDP in New Brunswick almost halved from an average share of 7 per cent in 1961-1985 to 4 per cent in 1986-2009 to 3 per cent in 2010-2021. [...] 25 Table 4: Total Investment and Investment Components in New Brunswick, (2012 chained dollars), 1961, 2000, 2015 and 2021 Investment Investment Investment Investment Investment % Change % Change % Change % Change Total in 1961 in 2000 in 2008 in 2015 in 2021 in in in in Contribution Investment Investment Investment Investment 1961-2021 1961-2000 2000-2008 2008-2015 2015-2021 (%) Total Investment. [...] To further illustrate the weak development of non-residential net investment in New Brunswick, Panel A and B of Chart 16 show the trends of net investment and gross investment, and net investment as a share of investment. [...] Non-Residential Business Investment in Structures as a Share of Nominal GDP The percentage of GDP going towards business investment in non-residential structures mirrors the performance of structure investment in New Brunswick.



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