Indigenous Leadership: Governance and Development Project   - Case Study
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Indigenous Leadership: Governance and Development Project - Case Study

15 November 2023


One of the long-term goals is to develop a set of resources that is Indigenous-led and available to Indigenous communities across the province and the country. [...] Willow Cree/FLFN Ventures Partnership The partnership between Willow Cree and FLFN Ventures came about because of the location of the two first Nations, the desire by BHP to work with Indigenous communities in the vicinity of their potash mine (e.g., to obtain the social license to operate), and the desire by BOCN and FLFN to address their lack of ability to undertake industrial work. [...] We have to act in the best interests of the business and also make sure that our rights and interests are being heard and are reflected in the business decisions of the partnership. [...] The creation of 2Nations Bird Construction required the establishment of a board of directors that oversees the company and a services agreement with Bird Construction, which manages the day-to-day affairs of the business. [...] Willow Cree In the future, the Willow Cree hopes that community members express that the implementation of the development corporation was the best decision made by the nation.

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