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Re-Enlightening Canada - Bryan Schwartz - FRONTIER CENTRE

2 Nov 2023

Human rights codes emerged in the aftermath of the atrocities of the Second World War and during the rise of the civil rights movement in the United States. [...] Specifically: • The Saskatchewan Human Rights Code includes not only prohibitions on discrimination, but also a “Bill of Rights” that encompasses freedom of expression and freedom of conscienceand religion, the right of assembly and the right to participate in 16 the democratic process; • In Quebec, the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms addresses a wide spectrum of human rights, including not o. [...] The scope of the free expression parts of a human 18 rights code might extend to the same kinds of activities—such as selling goods and services to the public—that are referred to in the context of anti- discrimination norms. [...] The economics might encourage some to present the need for EDI remedies in the most exaggerated and dire terms, while minimizing the existence of progress or act in a manner that is insensitive to the freedom, dignity and due process rights of individuals who are seen as standing in the path of enlightenment or inclusion. [...] We can try computer modelling, but current models are severely constrained by the size of the system, the elements of the science, that are still uncertain or unknown, and the limits of computer power compared to the size of the task.
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