Canada's Ecofiscal Commission


Canada's Ecofiscal Commission

Type Think Tank
Wikipedia Wikipedia
Year founded 2014
Location Montreal, QC Canada Canada
Budget USD 1-4.9M
Functions Advocacy, Research
Funding sources Corporations, Foundations or grants
Tags development economy fiscal environment
Summary Canada's Ecofiscal Commission is an independent economics project formed in 2014 by a group of Canadian economists from across Canada. The Commission focuses on three major policy streams (Climate and energy, Water, and Livable Cities).

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CEFC: Canada's Ecofiscal Commission · 20 April 2020 English

It’s also the tool Ecofiscal’s stream of reports, blog posts, videos The Ecofiscal Commission believes that some that puts the most control in the hands of individuals.”and Twitter feeds has …

CEFC: Canada's Ecofiscal Commission · 13 December 2019 French

RECOMMANDATION NO 3 Si les décideurs politiques choisissent de ne pas Un dernier mot au sujet de l’efficience employer la tarification du carbone pour diminuer Les responsables politiques canadiens qui …

CEFC: Canada's Ecofiscal Commission · 13 December 2019 English

The package of economy- Our modelling analysis finds that policymakers can improve the wide regulations and subsidies contains a large total number economic performance of climate policies—relative to the way …

CEFC: Canada's Ecofiscal Commission · 28 June 2019 English

Para 134 the Act strikes an appropriate balance between Parliament and provincial legislatures, having regard to the critical importance of the issue of climate change caused by GHG emissions, the …

CEFC: Canada's Ecofiscal Commission · 8 April 2019 English

advocates must continue to undertake additional The Ecofiscal Commission hopes that this new efforts to explain the true costs and benefits of carbon report will improve the quality of the …

CEFC: Canada's Ecofiscal Commission · 19 March 2019 English

CARBON PRICING The federal the revenues as a credit when they file ON POLLUTION IS and carbon IS A CASH GRAB government is their income taxes. [...] carbon pricing • …

CEFC: Canada's Ecofiscal Commission · 15 March 2019 English

air, land, and water for the benefit of all fiscal solutions for Canada that spark In other words, the best that science has to offer is telling us we must …

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