Canadian Historical Association


Canadian Historical Association

Type NGO
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Year founded 1922
Location Ottawa, ON Canada Canada
Functions Research
Tags social policy
Summary Founded in 1922, the Canadian Historical Association | La Société historique du Canada is a bilingual not-for-profit and charitable association devoted to fostering the scholarly study and communication of history in Canada. It is the largest of its kind in the country.

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CHA: Canadian Historical Association · 13 January 2023 English

Recognizing Genocide in Canada By Steven High, President of the Canadian Historical Association “Our inability, as a society, to recognize this history for what it is, and the ways that …

CHA: Canadian Historical Association · 24 October 2022 English

Ted Hewitt, I am writing on behalf of the Canadian Historical Association (CHA) to strongly encourage the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) to immediately move to redirect significant …

CHA: Canadian Historical Association · 6 October 2022 English

They should know as much as possible about the hiring prospects for PhD students, the requirements of programs across the country including the often unwritten expectations of PhD work, the …

CHA: Canadian Historical Association · 4 October 2022 English

Crystal Gail Fraser was selected as the winner of History at Dalhousie the Confederation of Alberta Faculty Associations Dis- University is pleased tinguished Academic Early Career award, recognizing to report …

CHA: Canadian Historical Association · 29 September 2022 English

The in- vaders overwhelmed the weak defence of the town and took it in the name of the King of England. [...] In the era of British dispensation, from 1760, …

CHA: Canadian Historical Association · 7 July 2022 English

Tanya Grodzinski, Royal Military College, Kingston Society From the age of thirteen to just prior to his death at thirty-two at the Battle of theFr omP the lage of thiirnteen …

CHA: Canadian Historical Association · 17 June 2022 English

The successful candidate must have research and teaching interests in and engagement with Indigenous knowledges and perspectives and a demonstrable history of community involvement, including lived experience or collaborative partnerships …

CHA: Canadian Historical Association · 15 June 2022 English

The severity of the crisis facing contract academic workers, the centrality of their work to the modern university project in Canada, and the extent to which relying on contract labour …

CHA: Canadian Historical Association · 15 June 2022 English

Les membres du Conseil et de l'Exécutif de la SHC ont lu le manifeste avec intérêt et ont créé un sous- comité chargé d'examiner et de souligner les progrès qui …

CHA: Canadian Historical Association · 31 May 2022

Eric Alexander Prize – is also the winner of the Canadian Historical Review’s 2022 ($500) Best Article Prize in 2022 for his article - « The Indigenous Casualties of War: …

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